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The moment I dreaded seemed to take forever as I squeezed my eyes shut. When I opened them I saw Lissa sitting up with an arm wrapped around her neck pulling her backwards. I felt her grip loosen and quickly scrambled backwards out of her clutches. As I stood up I saw her stand and throw the arm forward sending the person flying at me. As I was hit I saw a lock of black hair fly into my face as we tumbled backwards on the tent. I stood up quickly and looked at who was thrown at me. Before I could get a good look I felt a something smooth coil around my neck.
“Oh my pet we are far from done here.” I was lifted into the air and turned around to see Lissa standing there… but this looked nothing like the Lissa I had met. She had dark purple hair that flowed down her back and sharp eyes that matched. She sported a skimpy reveling outfit that showed her curves and figure. But what caught my eyes were the sleek bat wings across her back and the tail that was currently wrapped around my neck. I felt my body tense as she tightened her grip around my neck.
“It’s much easier if you’re passed out to brainwash you. That way you can’t run or fight back.” She gave a giggle that sent chills up my spine. I struggled to pull her tail off my neck but it continued to squeeze at my throat making my breath slow. My… mind was fading… I… couldn’t breathe…! The person from before rushed past me striking Lissa in the face with the hilt of a sword and caused her to stagger making the tail loosen and drop me. I stood up and reached for my sword to find nothing there. Crap, that’s right; I left my equipment with Link. Suddenly I saw a utility belt and sword fly towards me. It was my stuff, but how? I looked over to see the parson pull there hood back. It was Asuna.
“Asuna!? You came ba-”
“Less catching up, more fighting!” I quickly equipped the belt and drew my sword as Lissa recovered. She gave Asuna a disturbing scowl.
“You again!? I thought I was free of your meddling!” Meddling?
“She’s been trying to get you alone so she could seduce you into reveling where the Triforce pieces are. She played the role of the refugee in order to gain our trust.” She had!?
“But how did you figure it out I wonder.”
“When I left I was about to enter the dungeon when I remembered that I saw a grave at the graveyard when we passed through there. Do you know what it said?” I was blindfolded.
“How is this relevant!? Just tell me!”
“Here lie the residents of Kakariko Village. No one could escape the fire that was lit. May they make a new village in the world beyond.” No one could escape. That means-, “There is no possible way anyone could have been saved from that fire without someone knowing!”
“You did you research. That’s right; I’m not an actual survivor. Hell, I’m not even human; but you know that already sweet Soren. I was hired by Ganon to hunt down whoever was defeating his monsters and stealing his Triforce of Wisdom. I would have just killed you but I had to find out where you hid them first.” She really doesn’t listen well.
“Look!” I shouted catching her attention, “I have no idea where they are! They aren’t even with us. They would be too big to fit any-” I stopped and looked at my left hand. Could it be? I sheathed my sword and pulled the fingerless glove off to reveal a large Triforce piece on the back of my hand. Half of it was a shining golden color while the other half was a pale yellow. Of course! Every time I grabbed a piece it absorbed into my body and hid in the only article of clothing I had yet to take off in this world; my sword hand glove. I looked over to see Lissa laughing.
“Finally, I found it! Now I don’t need to waste my time trying to capture you, I can just kill you know!” Her fingernails extended as she dashed at us with a killing intent in her eyes. I quickly put my glove back on and drew my sword. Asuna and I dived out of the way as she tore through the air into the extra tent storage making a loud crash. I watched as everyone exited their tents to see what had made the noise.
“You can dodge all you want but I can still move much faster than you.” We looked behind us to see her standing there, dusting herself off. I heard as people murmured and shrieked at the sight of the succubus. She gave a wide grin and extended her wings causing energy to pulsate from them. Suddenly I watched as everyone around us stopped talking. When I looked into their eyes they looked grayed over and dull.
“What did you do?” Asuna asked staying on guard.
“A much simpler version of my charm spell, it only works for a short period of time but I think that’s all I’ll need. You wouldn’t hurt innocent people would you?” Everyone began to swing at us as we dodged and maneuvered around them. Dammit! We couldn’t fight Lissa with her controlling the refugees.
“Asuna we have to run!” I grabbed her hand as we raced away from the tent area ending up in the recreational area. As we stopped I looked behind us to see the mob had stopped chasing us. What could we do? We had no way of reaching her without injuring the people.
“I know what you’re thinking right now.” I was startled a little from her sudden outburst, “We can’t both attack her but if one of us distracts the mob of people the other one can attack.” But that would put the other person in extreme danger. It would be one against dozens of people with no way of attacking, “I’ll take the mob while you go after Lissa directly.” That was crazy! If I agreed to her plan she could die; even if their just normal people there are still enough to kick, punch, claw and god knows what her to death. I couldn’t trust her to take them all… wait… trust. It’s because I didn’t trust Asuna that she left, that Lissa almost got me. I was lucky she came back at all. If I was going to continue to partner up with her I had to trust her. We may clash again but when it all boils down to it we need to be able to trust each other on important matters. She strongly felt bad about this place and I still agreed to stay without taking her feelings into consideration. This time though, it’s different. I will trust her on this.
“Okay, I trust you Asuna.” She looked surprised at me.
“A…are you sure? You’re not just saying that so you can betray my trust later?”
“Asuna I’m sorry I didn’t trust you before, I didn’t take your thoughts into consideration; but not anymore. As long as we are partners I will trust you. If you feel uneasy about a situation I’ll take your feelings into consideration and we’ll decide it together. That’s what being a partner is all about right? So I’ll give you my trust.” I extended my hand out to her. She gave me a small smile and grabbed my hand squeezing it.
“And I’ll give you mine.” We stood there as we absorbed the meaning of this bond. We would go through thick and thin together until it was over. No matter what the odds we would stand by and never doubt each other. I looked into her eyes and saw them soften as she starred back; No longer a glare or sharp look of indifference but a genuine look of trust, “Come on let’s go!” We quickly maneuvered and I hid as Asuna charged at the controlled humans. I heard Lissa give an amused giggle and watched as the hoard ran after Asuna. When they were out of sight I jumped out and struck at Lissa taking her by surprise as she swung hitting me and sending me flying backwards.
“You really are stupid aren’t you? Even if I’m on my own I still have more strength than you.” I watched as she approached me. As she did I watched as she struck at nearby barrels and sacks shredding them with her claws. I quickly scrambled and swung at her making her block with her claws. She threw me back again causing my legs to buckle and fall leaving me immobile. I couldn’t stand; my legs wouldn’t move under the weight of this pain, “Soooo boring, you really are just a weak human fom a simple world aren’t you?” What!? How does she know that, “Well, time to die.” I watched as she brought her claws down and suddenly I saw Link jump in front of me blocking with his sword. He pushed her off and, while she was in mid-air, shot a magical beam at her causing her to fall to the ground in pain.
“No one is dying in my shelter demon!” He spoke with authority and strength. Much different from how I heard him before.
“Dammit, wasn’t expecting you.” She stood up and raised her wings, “I’ll see you again Soren.” She took off like a bolt of lightning down the hallway and then we heard nothing. Link grabbed my arm and carried me to the medical tent putting me down on the medical table. He left quietly and came back with Asuna two hours later. She sat down next to me and link gave a heavy sigh.
“So, explain what happened?” I and Asuna explained the events that occurred this night. He stood there taking everything in and finally talked after we finished, “So she was looking for the Triforce and you have half of it now.” He turned around and then turned back, “I will have my doctor fix you up and then give you a few medical supplies. Then I must ask that you two leave and never come back.” I was stunned at what he said.
“Wait, why?” Asuna asked unclear about his motives.
“You two have almost destroyed the shelter I spent the last three years building. You hold half of the Triforce of Wisdom meaning she could come back; you are a danger to this place and can no longer come back.” He spoke like a machine. He meant every word he was speaking.
“Fine! This place is a coward’s hideout anyway! If you keep hidings then you’re not worth saving!” she spoke so angrily. But why? She hated this place anyway. It seemed like she was angrier for being accused of the damage.
“Also.” We perked our heads up to listen, “You hold half of the Triforce of Wisdom, you hold the key to peace. If you come back to this, “coward’s hideout” you would be prolonging the suffering of these good people. Everyone wants to go back home. How about giving them that wish?” He gave us a smile that spoke of something different than the last time; this was a smile that meant he had hope. I looked over at Asuna who gave me a nod. She agreed.
“Of course. You can count on us!”

The next day we stood outside the lizard dungeon with all our supplies in my belt. I gave a sigh looking at the next step in our adventure. I looked over at Asuna who was fiddling with her fingers.
“Are you okay?” She was startled and then looked away.
“I…wanted to apologize; when we separated I might have been a little…rash in distrusting you. It seemed a little harsh.” I gave a chuckle and she looked at me with an embarrassed blush on her face, “What’s so funny?”
“There’s no need to apologize, if you didn’t I wouldn’t have learned to trust you as a partner, so thanks for that.” She gave a small giggle and continued to blush.
“That’s a little strange, thanking me for overreacting and abandoning you. You’re strange you know that?”
“I’m not the one that overreacted like a crazy person.” We gave a shared laugh enjoying the atmosphere we had made. When we stopped we looked at each other and I saw it again; the soft eyes she looked at me with. There was still the hint of secrecy behind them but they looked much kinder at me than before and that made me happy. I saw a side of Asuna I had never seen before. It was nice.
“Come on, let’s keep going.” We looked back at the dungeon entrance and entered ready for whatever was going to test our mettle, together as partners.
I couldn’t believe that Link stood before me. I thought he was dead! At least that’s what was proven to me when I first got here.
“Wait, this is impossible, I heard Link was dead!” He looked at me and chuckled.
“Well I assumed that would be what you would hear, but in this world someone could do a lot more good dead than alive; that’s why I left my equipment and clothing on a dead body in a dungeon.” So that’s how he faked his death… but why!?
“If you were in the dungeon why did you want to fake your death?” He gave me a sad look.
“The Triforce is a legend, there’s no way anything exist that could restore our world; this land is lost and there is no way to save it.” He spoke cynically about his land.
“But you must have believed in this land at some point, what made you stop?” I asked this because it didn’t make sense for him to give up, not if he’s the hero.
“I saw…the graveyard.” I watched his hand clench in anger, “All those dead people, the countless bodies… it was horrifying… this land is dead and the rest of the world will fall as well and there is no way to stop it, that’s why I gave us a new start here.” He gave me such a serious look that I almost believed him. But I recognized his tone of voice. He wasn’t speaking of a new start. He was talking of hiding, escaping; he spoke… of fear. It made me shiver to think of what would happen if his influence affected every human; there would be no courage left to stand up. The world would be destroyed. I shook that thought from my head.
“But the Triforce is real! I’ve been to four dungeons already and seen the pieces for myself; I’ve felt the golden glow and the power it holds. The only reason me and Asuna are alive is because of those pieces of the Triforce.” He looked at me and laughed.
“Sorry son but that won’t help. Lies do not become us.” He didn’t believe me! How could he give up so easily? It was unbelievable. Maybe that’s why Asuna and I took over, “Besides look at this place, three years and it is thriving!” Three years? So it’s been three years since the original story. That might explain the rotting carcasses in the graveyard becoming flesh piles and the many dead bodies and remains in the boss chambers. This world is horrible when the hero gives up.
“Listen, you three are welcome to stay but I must first request you hand over all dangerous equipment.” I couldn’t stay; I had to finish what I started. But it wouldn’t hurt to stay the night. I handed over my sword and utility belt as he examined the content, “I will get the sword from your friend, why don’t you explore the area; I will get a tent set up for you three also I would prefer if the secret behind my identity remained secret.” I left the tent and decided to explore the shelter trying to get a better idea of what this place was. As I walked around I saw many people sitting outside their tent either enjoying the chatter around them or chatting themselves. I saw many different races intermingling; there were gorons, kokiri wood imps and even a few zoras. The only group of people who weren’t interacting with people was the women who were scantily clad in thin purple clothing and veils. They must have been the gerudos; as I approached them I felt hands wrap around my neck binding me and looked behind me to see one of the women holding me.
“What do you want male?” I felt her grip tighten as she gave me a menacing glare.
“I just want to ask about Ganon.” She released me and I fell to the ground coughing. I had forgotten for a moment that the gerudo was an all-female tribe that despised men.
“We know nothing about the pig man you speak of, all we know is he rules our land and we despise him for throwing us into this situation, now leave!” As she walked away I thought of how I could get her to talk.
“What about Ganondorf?” She turned around to look at me for a moment and then approached grabbing me by my shirt.
“We will not speak with men about that person. Now LEAVE!” She threw me to the floor and went back to the gerudo tent. I wasn’t going to get any info from talking to them… or at least I couldn’t talk to them. I walked toward the medical tent and entered to find Asuna sitting in the waiting area which was just a set of three stools and saw Lissa sitting on a wooden table kicking her feet. I looked down at her feet to see the blisters and bruises completely gone.
“There you are.” Asuna looked at me with an impatient and angry look, “That guy came in and confinscted my sword and when I asked him why he said you agreed to stay here! Are you insane?” She yelled at me angrily.
“Don’t worry, I haven’t decided to stay or not.”
“Haven’t decided!? You can’t honestly want to stay here. We have to get back to the adventure! This place isn’t good!”
“Easy Asuna, even if we don’t want to stay we can still spend the night and hopefully get some potions from this place to help us.” She gave a huff and stormed out of the tent angrily.
“I thought we could trust each other, guess I was wrong.” I think I pissed her off. I sighed and looked over at Lissa who gave me a bright smile. I would have to find her later and have a talk.
“So do you have any family Lissa, maybe we can look for them.”
“Sorry but all my family is back in the village that was destroyed.” She gave me a sad smile and jumped off of the table, “Hey can we look around for a bit?” I had taken a look but I wouldn’t mind getting a second look.
“Sure, why not.” We walked around the area for a bit and I was able to get a layout of the land.

The shelter was broken down into for areas. The medical area which had two tents that held both the medical magician and the apothecary, the agricultural area that had direct sunlight held the crops that were grown and harvested to keep people fed. I learned that food was rationed here in order to keep everyone alive. It didn’t seem very good but that’s what happens in a crisis. I’ve watched enough shows about apocalypses to know that was true. The third area was a recreational area that had had different people mingling and interacting and the last area was the sleeping area that had all the tents and places that people would go to rest. As we took a look around I wasn’t able to see Asuna anywhere. It was like she wasn’t even here. When I looked over at the agricultural area I saw the light begin to fade and realized that it was becoming sundown. I looked over to see Link approach the group of people.
“Everyone, it is becoming sundown which means we will have dinner and then everyone turns in for the night.” He and a few others handed out some broth with potatoes and I and Lissa sat down on the floor to eat. I looked over at Link and saw him approach us, “So how do you like our community Soren?”
“It’s truly peaceful, everyone seems so happy.”
“Yeah… I like to think of it as a little slice of heaven myself.” I looked around to see that Asuna was nowhere to be found.
“Hey, where did Asuna go?”
“She left a few hours ago.”
“What!?” She left? But I thought… what made her leave? (These people are terrified and those who aren’t afraid are oblivious to what’s happening, I’m guessing that the only place they consider home is the one being overrun by monsters that would rip them apart.) She never saw this as a good place, she didn’t want to stay here. How could I not notice, I’m such an idiot, “I’ve got to go.”
“Not this late at night, those monsters prowl the surface in a bloodthirsty manner, you’ll die.”
“So will Asuna! I have to find her!” I felt someone tug at my hand as I got up. It was Link
“You can look for her in the morning for now you should sleep, I’ll give you a few potions before you go okay?” I thought for a moment; Asuna’s strong if she left a few hours ago she should at least be ina cave by now… hopefully.

I plopped down on the sleeping bag in my tent and gave a loud sigh.
“You’re really worried about her aren’t you?” I looked over to see Lissa staring at me.
“Yeah, knowing her she headed to the next dungeon but going through it is dangerous alone.”
“So you two were going to the dungeons? Why?”
“We were collecting the Triforce of Wisdom piece by piece. We have four of them now and the third and fourth one were not easy, we almost ended up dead. But we got through it… together.” Aw man, I was the biggest jerk in the universe right now. I didn’t trust her judgment even with all we’ve been through. She trusted me and I couldn’t trust her judgment; I’m a terrible partner. I have to apologize when I find her. Suddenly I heard Lissa shift and stand up.
“So if you two have been collecting the pieces you must have quite a few of them.” She sat down on me straddling my waist, “Do you think you could show me?” This was weird… what was she doing? Why was she being so forward yet… authoritative, “If you do I might be prone to… show you some gratification.” She was acting strange and couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t think straight with the blood rushing to my little head. Damn you male libido! I felt her run her hands along my shirt.
“I don’t know where they go when I touch them, a golden light flashes and then I’m back at the dungeon entrance.” I felt her pull at the bottom of my shirt pushing it up my chest.
“I’m sure you know why, so let’s see if I can get it out of you.” I watched as her eyes turned a deep amber and flash. In that moment I felt my consciousness begin to fade and saw giant bat wings form behind her. One word flashed through my mind as I tried to stay awake.
“Su…ccubuss.” I saw her giggle a little as her eyes turned sharper.
“Clever boy. But a little late on catching it aren’t you?” She gave a sly smile of triumph.
“How… did you pass… the barrier?”
That weak field detects Ganon’s creations but not his hired help, it was too easy to get pass; although it did make me shiver.” That’s why she was shaking in my hands, “Now tell me who that man is that runs this place, I’m sure he told you.”
“It was…” NO! Don’t tell her! Stay strong! Don’t fall for her spell!
“Still resilient, fine I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make you my slave but looks like if I’m to get the info I want you’re going to need a little…persuasion.” I saw her give a wicked grin as she grabbed my cheeks and slowly brought my face closer to hers. She was going to use a love charm! I tried to move my body but it was stiff and wouldn’t listen to me. Dammit move! It’s all over if she kisses me, “Sorry boy toy but you’re mine. There’s no escape.” No! I can’t lose here. But I can’t move. I saw her lips come inches apart from mine. I squeezed my eyes shut in fear. This was it. I’m sorry Asuna.
I was standing in a pitch black room. On one side of me stood a door and on the other a chair. I had had this dream before, it was recurring. I could choose to sit down in the chair and wait out the dreams end; or I could enter the horrible nightmare that awaited me. I decided to try the door, when it opened I saw my sister standing on the other end. She spoke but I couldn’t understand a word… and yet I felt myself boil with rage.
“SHUT UP! YOU SELFISH PERSON, YOU SPOILED BRAT JUST…SHUT UP!!” I felt my lungs dry up as I screamed. When I looked back up I saw my sister…but she had a bullet hole through her head. I looked down at my hand to see a pistol clenched in my hand. I did it again… I killed my sister. I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her I killed her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up instantly; I could see the sky, clear and blue. When I sat up I saw Asuna lying next to me sound asleep. I took a few deep breaths to recollect my thoughts. My last memory was falling unconscious in the dungeon with a concussion and singed hands. My head didn’t hurt and my hands were burn free which meant Asuna was able to win and get the Triforce piece. I brushed a piece of her hair away to see she was sleeping peacefully. I gave a small smile as she stirred from her sleep.
“Huh? What…where are we?” She gave a long yawn and looked over at me with wide eyes, “You’re awake! Finally! I was starting to get worried!” After saying that she looked away embarrassed, I gave a small chuckle finding her outburst cute.
“So I see you didn’t let fear consume you.”
“Yeah…I got us out.” She looked down at the ground almost ashamed, “Look, I want to tell you why I’m here…but I’m scared.”
“Tell me when you’re ready.” I stood up and extended my hand to help her, “For now let’s head to the next dungeon okay?”
She gave me a weak smile and took my outstretched hand and I pulled her up, “Okay.”

We moved back across the ocean back to the mainland and headed for the mountains where our next goal was.
“Look, all I’m saying is if there are octorocks, why can’t there be octowaterballons?”
“This conversation is too stupid to validate with a response.” Asuna pulled out the map making sure we were in the right area, “This path will take too long. By the time we get there it will be night, let’s try some secret pathways.”
“How do we pull that off?” She shoved the map in my face pointing out the path to take.
“If memory serves right there should be a power bracelet here and then a secret path right here.” She wasn’t wrong; there was definitely a bracelet in that area which we could then use to move the rock to enter the catacombs making us move quicker… but to do that we had to pass through the graveyard. It still made me shudder to think about what I saw there. The piles of dead bodies and rotting smell made me never want to return there. But this wasn’t a leisurely pace we could keep anymore; with that large cloaked man here we had to stay ahead of him. I didn’t know what he was capable of and I didn’t want to find out. I swallowed my anxiety and sighed.
“O..Okay… let’s..go!” With that Asuna smiled and took lead as we headed to the graveyard. Okay, just take deep breaths. In…out…in…out. I continued this exercise for an hour and Asuna began to notice as she slowed her pace.
“Are you okay?” I stopped in shock.
“ I just have a stomach flu.” She unsheathed her sword and pointed it at my neck.
“You’re a terrible liar Soren.” I gulped, “Tell the truth.”
“Fine… the truth is I have been at the graveyard before and it was…horrible.” Those images flashed in my head, “The bodies they couldn’t bury were left in piles until they became a mountain of undistinguished human flesh.” Another image, “The smells made me vomit and run back the way I came. It helped me get to the third dungeon but it scared my mind, it showed what happened to humans in this world.”
“Is that why you were so despairing when I first met you?” I nodded, “Well, don’t worry, I’ll help you. Just wait until we get there okay?” I decided to trust her.
“O…okay.”  We made it to the cliff that had stairs to the graveyard and after dispatching the enemies Asuna handed me a white cloth.
“Put this on.” I did as instructed and was confused of her methods. Blinded, I decided to stay still so I wouldn’t stumble around when Asuna grabbed my hand, “Just hold on to my hand and we’ll walk through the graveyard with me leading.”
“Asuna I don’t think you know how horrifying it really is.”
“Well I won’t know until I try.” She sounded confident, but that just made me more worried. I followed as she pulled my hand. We went up the stairs slowly so I wouldn’t trip and when we made it to the top I heard the dirt beneath my feet shift under my boot and heard small crunches of what I hoped were leaves as we walked, “I see what you meant, this… is gruesome. This isn’t a graveyard; this is a morgue; where bodies just rot in the open until they become nothing.” She talked like she knew more than she appeared to about this. Every time I heard her talk deeply she became more interesting, she had a story that was more than meets the eye. I bumped into something absent mindedly, “Hey! Watch it jeez.” I felt her let go of my hand and her hands moved to the back of my head as they undid the blindfold knot. When I opened my eyes I saw the mountain range behind Asuna. She gave me a smirk as I looked behind her, “Your welcome.” I pushed her in the shoulder playfully and we walked toward the location on the map.
“So where did you get that map?”
“When I first got here I explored for a bit getting a feel for where I was and found it stuffed in an oak tree, something you wouldn’t find in the game.
“So you’re a gamer?”
“Cradle to grave and beyond, I enjoyed the idea of another world to live in and experience. It also beats the soul crushing boredom of the day.”
“Been there, so I noticed you know this game very well.”
“It’s one of my favorites, I never played the original game but I was able to play the 3ds download version.”
“Yeah, it’s kind of hard to get your hands on a working NES.”
“More like impossible.”
“Ever tried Ebay?”
“Even IF I trusted that identity stealing website they could never get to my address.”
“Why is that?”
“It’s… complicated. Look over there.” Asuna pointed to the long row of stone soldiers and ran towards them effectively stopping our conversation. When she approached one she kicked it causing it to move.
“Careful!” I rushed at her and threw a bomb at the moving stone soldier blowing it to bits, “Have you lost your mind!?” I screamed at her surprised that SHE was the one to do something stupid. She pointed behind me and I saw a bracelet where the soldier had previously stood. She wlked past me and picked it up, with a click it wrapped around her wrist.
“Remember, YOU’RE the stupid one, not me.” She smiled widely as she walked by me.
“Yeah yeah very funny. We should probably make one stop before we head to the dungeon.” I pointed to the far area.
“Do we need potions?”
“We’ve had too many close calls and what if were both wrecked before we can touch the Triforce piece?” She thought for a moment and followed me. I placed a bomb at the wall and when it exploded pieces of the mountain fell to reveal a wide opening. We entered the cave and when we made it to the end we saw a scared young woman sitting there. She had short choppy brown hair and wore basic leather clothing that was worn to the point where it was tearing in places exposing her legs, arms and midriff. Her skin was slightly browned and she didn’t wear any foot wear, her feet were blistered and bruised from the lack of protection.
“Who are you?” She asked cringing. This was the first young girl I’ve seen beside Asuna. This was the only person of normal age I’ve seen in this world who belonged here. She did… right?
“You’re from here right?”
“What do you mean, I’m from kakariko village… at least I was before it was destroyed.” Yup, she was definitely a resident of this world, “What’s going on? Are all the monsters gone? I don’t want to die.” She was terrified and this obviously wasn’t a hidden potion shop, “Wait… are you Link? The hero who’s been saving people and taking them to a secret refuge!” What!? But… he died a while ago. People should have heard about this… or maybe not, this world doesn’t exactly have any way of getting news. I better keep this quiet for now.
“Sorry no, I’m Soren and this is Asuna.” I motioned to Asuna who nodded her head, “We’re adventurers who were looking for something else, but we found you instead.” She sulked at what I told her.
“So you’re not here to save me.” She started to sniffle and tear up and I felt myself panic.
“Don’t cry. W…we’ll help you!” I looked over and Asuna shot me a glare. The girl perked up and smiled widely.
“Really? Yay!”
“So where is this refuge?” I had no knowledge of this, it was the underside of this world that no one knew… or maybe it was specific to this world.
“I’ve heard rumors that there were channels underground that lead to it but finding any channels underground is the hard part.” Asuna tapped my shoulder and whispered into my ear.
“The secret shortcut leads underground; she might be talking about that.” I nodded and looked back at the girl who was looking at me with hopeful eyes making me blush.
“W…we might know a way underground.” She smiled widely and lunged at me grabbing me into a hug.
“Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!” I felt my face heat to near cold temperature levels. I looked over to see Asuna roll her eyes and look away, “By the way my name is Lissa.” After a few minutes we left the cave. I had to carry Lissa as her feet were too blistered for her to move. We made it to the rock structure and saw a group of Lynels surrounding a man in a brown hooded cloak. I set Lissa down and Asuna and I moved to help him. Before we even approached them they disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving the man standing with a strange sword in his hand. He turned to us and pointed his sword.
“Who are you three?” Asuna was about to draw her sword before he swiftly moved up to her and held the sword at her throat, “It’s rude to draw your weapon on people you just met.”
“And yet you did just that.” Asuna said slightly tense from the sword at her sword.
“Well this happens when the world goes to hell.” He pushed the flat of the blade against her throat, “Now tell me who you are.”
“Stop!” I yelled, he looked over at me, “Put your weapon down and we can talk. Like this no one is going to trust anybody else.” He paused for a moment and re-sheathed his sword.
“You’re right about that. We mistrust so easily these days, even against each other. You know, sometimes I look at myself and wonder who I am.” He was talking like he was a million miles away, “Sorry I get carried away easily. But if we are going to talk openly we should head somewhere secure, Ganon’s spies are everywhere.” He looked around and motioned to the rock formation. I grabbed Lissa bridal style and I and Asuna followed him. He pushed one of the rocks opening up a set of stairs, “This way.”

When we entered the underground I saw a set of tunnels. The man put his hand to a bare wall and a rune started to glow in that instant I saw the wall disappear and an opening appear making us gasp. He walked through and beckoned us over. We walked through the threshold and I felt Lissa quiver for a moment in my hands.
“Well you’re human, that’s good to know.” He commented.
“How are you so sure?” Asuna asked confused by his statement. I thought for a moment and it came to me.
“Is there a barrier at the threshold that repels monsters?” I asked hoping that I was right about this.
“Quick thinking there, I like it. Yes, there is a rune to keep the place hidden and even if they get past that the barrier repels any of Ganon’s minions. It keeps the place well protected.” He couldn’t have set this up on his own. Unless he was a powerful magician but his skill with a blade was well above normal, “Come on we have to keep moving.” We followed him down a long hallway for a while until we saw a bright light at the end. When we crossed that threshold of light what we saw inside was amazing.
“It can’t be.” Asuna said surprised.
“Welcome to the human shelter.” The man announced. This place was amazing! There were all types of people here; there were men and women as well as children and old people. It was so well orgonized; from the open sunlight that played host to a vegetable field to the medical tent that was set up it was well maintained and filled with happiness, from the children playing to the grownups talking and laughing.
“This place is filled with happiness it’s well and orderly.” I praised amazed at how great this place was.
“Thanks, we tried to make a new start here and it seems to be working very well. We’re able to get the sunlight in because this opening is surrounded by terrain that no one can cross without significant trouble and we have top notch magicians working in the medical tent making potions and keeping people healthy and disease free. I heard Asuna scoff in disgust behind me, “Is there something wrong young lady?”
“This is sad.” Why would she say that? This place seemed like a happy family, “Everyone here is just oblivious to the fact that any moment they could be attacked and if you were attacked what would you do?”
“I can handle any monster that would dare attack the shelter.” He replied, “And besides this is home to a lot of people.”
“No, it’s not.” I saw her eyes narrow and her voice tone darken, “I’ve seen those smiles before enough times to know that they are just faking it.” She spoke in a way that made me afraid to disagree, “These people are terrified and those who aren’t afraid are oblivious to what’s happening, I’m guessing that the only place they consider home is the one being overrun by monsters that would rip them apart.” I was shocked to say the least, she spoke so passionately and seriously; I could feel her menacing aura. I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked at me with a softer but still stern expression.
“Asuna calm down; here, take Lissa to the medical tent and then look around for a bit, I’ll meet up with you later ok?” She gave an exasperated sigh and Lissa stood up and put her arm around Asuna.
“Fine, but I have a bad feeling about this place.” With that Asuna walked away with Lissa towards the medical tent. I turned to the man and he gave me a shaky smile.
“Sorry about her, she’s a bit… strong willed.” I said scratching the back of my head embarrassed.
“It’s okay, honestly that’s not the first time I’ve heard that.” He started to walk towards a large tent and I followed.
“So if this place is a safe haven why were you out there?” I asked a little quizzical at the logic. We walked into the tent and he zipped up the front. From outside the tent I saw two shadows position themselves outside the tent door.
“We’re safe to talk openly here. You seem like the leader of your little group.”
“Oh no it’s just me and Asuna, we found Lissa in an abandoned cave so we decided to try to get her to safety.” He looked at me as though those names were a foreign language. Oh right! I never told him our names, “Sorry I forgot to introduce us; my name is Soren, the girl I was carrying was Lissa and the hot blooded one was Asuna.”
“Well it’s nice to meet you Soren.” He said shaking my hand, “I guess I should introduce myself.” He took of his hood to reveal medium length brown hair with pointed ears. Wait this couldn’t be, “My name is Link, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
World Similarities Ch.9 book 1
Link belongs to Nintendo

Soren, Asuna and Lissa are my OCs
(Now! Pants! Off!)  Neku rolled back avoiding the punch launched by this behemoth. He reached for his side pocket and pulled out his player pin from Joshua. (Hopefully this works.) When Neku reached for his pocket he pulled out a set of pins. It was his Tin-Pin set. (What!? Where’s my black planet set?) Neku looked over to see the man rush towards him. He dashed around him as he slammed into a wall.
“They were right about you-” The man began standing up, “You’re very agile. But that won’t stop me!” He raised his hands and wings sprouted from his back. (Crap! Another fallen angel. My pin set won’t work here.) Suddenly the giant rushed at him knocking him backwards down the hall. When he stood up he looked around and saw he was next to Konoshi’s classroom. (There’ve got to be some confinscated pins in her desk drawers.) Neku opend the door and locked it behind him as he rummaged through Konoshi’s desk. (No…no…no dammit!) Neku loud thunderous footsteps reach the door. (There! Finnaly. Not the best set but it will have to do!) The door flew off its hinges as the man stomped into the room.
“You can’t run from me!” He bellowed
“I don’t plan to!” Neku placed the 6 best pins he had on his jacket and stood ready for him. He threw a punch and Neku shot a force round at his face blinding him. Neku sent a punch at his core sending him backwards, then he shot three icicles from the ground at him sending him into the ceiling and back to the ground, “Had enough yet?”
“Maybe you can take me on my own, but what about two of me?” Suddenly he phased out and when he phased in there were two of him standing there.
“I also have more room to fight than you do.” He phased out and phased back in behind Neku catching him off guard and as he flew forward the other man punched him into the floor. (Dammit! I can’t take them.) He looked up to see this man heckling over him before he balled his hand into a fist, “Let it be known that Daburu Chikara destroyed Neku Sakuraba permanently!” As he brought his fist down Neku shut his eyes tight waiting for it to hit.
“Neku!” Suddenly Daburu was hit in the back of the head stopping his motion. Neku quickly slid out form attacking range and saw on the other end of Daburu was Shiki (Shiki!?) and a moving Mr. Mew. Suddenly the second Daburu phased in behind Shiki and grabbed her.
“Hey! Let go!” Shiki screamed struggling against his tight grip. Neku shot forward at Dabutwo knocking Shiki out of his hands. Neku grabbed her hand and started to run.
“Come on, we have to run!”

They ran until they reached the gym. Stopping in the middle, they caught their breaths.
“So…why are you… here?” Neku asked in the middle of panting like a dog.
“I… came to help.” Shiki replied catching her breath and standing up, “Joshua gave me this after the concert attack.” Neku looked in her hand to see a player pin, “At first I didn’t know what it did in this ground but when I put it on Mr. Mew popped to life out of my bag.”
“Why were you carrying Mr. Mew around?”
“Joshua said I should keep him close by so I’ve been carrying him around everywhere I go.” (Did Joshua anticipate all of this?) (Or… is this his doing?) (No! Can’t think like that, not about my partners!)
“Anyway, Why did you come back into the school?”
“Well when she grabbed you I saw this fall out of your loose pockets, seriously Neku you need to keep an eye on your stuff.” When Neku looked he saw she had his black planet pin set.
“Oh, thank god! I thought I left it at home.”
“Hey are you even listening to me?”
“Yes I am but what do you want me to do? My pockets aren’t loose. I don’t know how it fell ou-” Neku put his hand in his pocket and felt it go through a hole. (That would explain that.)
“Is there a hole in your pocket? That’s it hand ‘em over.”
“This is neither the time nor the place!” Suddenly the gym doors opened up and both Daburus came through the door, “Come on Shiki! Let’s show them what we’ve got!”

The Daburus rushed at both of them when Neku moved in front of Shiki and shot powerful force rounds at them slamming them against the far wall. When they stood up they separated to different ends of the gym. They pulled each of the psyche users over to them separating Neku and Shiki into separate battles. Dabutwo pounded his hands on the ground causing the ground around Shiki to shake causing her to stumble and fall. He saw his opportunity and jumped up and pushed his fist down on Shiki but before it hit a black blur struck at his face scratching it making him fall to the ground with a thud. As he stood back up he saw Shiki push her hand forward as Mr. Mew flew at him and then suddenly there were five of those cats coming at him swarming him and knocking him out.

Neku watched as Daburu phased in and out moving around and when he came in for an attack Neku put up a dark barrier stopping him as it sucked his energy away. Neku then shot a large icicle into him sending him soaring. As he flew Neku shot force round after force round into him and to finish his combo Neku hit him with pyrokenisis when he came close to the ground.
“You can’t beat me! My strength and teamwork can’t lose!” Daburu was screaming in frustration as his doppelganger was thrown at him and Neku pulled out one more pin as he a Shiki re-grouped (This should end it!) He and Shiki clutched the pin in each other’s hand as it glowed.
“Neku, come on!”
“Righ behind you!” They jumped into the air and two much bigger Mr. Mews materialized under them. They charged at Daburu and his clone and rammed into him knocking them out of the gym.
“This isn’t over; you may think you’ve won. But I’ll be back to kill both of you!” With that he dismissed his clone and flew off into the pitch black night.

Neku and Shiki gave an exasperated sigh as they sat down in what remained of the gym. They looked at each other and after a few seconds started to laugh.
“It’s weird to see how well we fight after we haven’t had to do it in months.” Neku said with a smile.
“I know! And I don’t think we’ve been that in sync since the fight with Higashizawa.” Shiki replied. They looked around at how much had been destroyed in the fight.
“We cause more damage in those fights than I thought.”
“Yeah, it’s no wonder players don’t affect the real world in the UG, they’d destroy it.”
“Exactly why I prefer the UG in moments of combat.” They looked over to see Joshua standing there with a slight frown, “I know it was a fallen angel but couldn’t you two have done less damage?” Neku and Shiki chuckled in humor, “Well I’d better get to work on repairs and memory wipes, Neku we’ll talk about this later.” As he started repairs Neku and Shiki left the school area and headed home.
“Why are they after you Neku?”
“I don’t know, but that isn’t the first attack on my life.”
“You should be careful, also you shouldn’t walk around with holes in your pocket.” Shiki suddenly stopped causing Neku to stop, “Now hand over your pants, now!”
“What are you smoking!? I’m not giving you my pants in the middle of the street!”
“You can either hand them over, or I can take them by force, your choice.” Suddenly Neku looked down to see Mr. Mew’s eyes glow red. (Oh crap!)
The tension in the dungeon seemed much heavier than previously felt. It seemed as though something is here that could be more dangerous than anticipated. I tossed that thought aside as we entered the first room. The run with the dungeons was getting pretty standard with how use to it I was. Beat some monsters, get a key, use key on door previously seen and continue. The only difference was the amount of confrontation we ran across. It seemed… lax, to say the least. It felt like we weren’t the only ones here. Eventually we came to the basement level that held the step ladder.
“Huh?” I rushed up to see what was wrong and Asuna’s huh was well used. The stepladder was gone.
“Where’s the dungeon item? It should be here.” I felt around panicking. My mind was racing, was I wrong, did I not do something right, was I-
“Get a grip!” Asuna snapped me out of my panic and I looked up at her, “It’s not here. Let’s keep moving. I mean, it was a stepladder, at worst all we have to do now is jump over small water paths.” She grabbed my arm and hoisted me back on my feet. I took a deep breath and re-collected my thoughts, “Anyway, now there’s a bigger problem. One of two things is possible, either Ganon has taken the dungeon items in the night we rested-”
“That can’t be.” Asuna stopped and listened to me, “Even if we had gone straight to this dungeon in the time it took to get here it would have been nightfall, Assuming he heard about us after that he would have only been able to get to one dungeon and I’m sure he would have hit one close to home rather than this one so he could make it back before dawn.”
“There’s also the fact that none of the monsters we’ve encountered have been intelligent and the fact that they haven’t survived the encounter with us.” Asuna was right the only monsters that would have reported to him would be dungeon monsters; any field monster has no reason to report two humans.
“Which means that one is out. What’s the second possibility?”
“We’re not the only one on this adventure.” But who else in this world would put their life on the line. Literally everyone else is either a shopkeeper or an elder.
“Wait if that’s the case then either the Triforce piece is already taken or they’re literally on their way there now.” We looked at each other for a moment and rushed out of the basement and made our way to the boss room without delay. We rushed through room after room. We ran through rooms that normally required a key but this person obviously made it through meaning they were unlocked. When we made it to the boss door we saw a tall figure standing there completely dressed in a full body robe. We stopped and they turned around and looked at us. The cloak kept their face dark enough for us to just make out a rough jawline, meaning it was a man.
“So you two were the ones sent here.” His voice was deep and gave me a sense that he had been through a lot, “You think you can win?” We we’re unsure who he was addressing. I stepped forward.
“We’re not sure what you mean by win, but we’ll stand up for this world and stop Ganon!”
“Really? Even when you can’t stand up for yourself in front of your sister?” What!? How did he know that!? I stumbled back in shock.
“And you.” He looked over at Asuna, “This fresh start won’t stop what’s happening in the real world. Your body won’t hea-”
“SHUT UP!!!” Asuna was screaming, “THAT ME IS WEAK! HERE I CAN BE STRONG! SO THAT ME CAN DIE FOR ALL I CARE!!” She suddenly crouched into her lap and stayed motionless.
“Pitiful, and here I thought I found fresh new recruits, but you both will die here.” What was he talking about? How did he figure these things out about us? Who was he? I stood my ground, “Neither of you can become strong as long as that weakness holds you, you will become another corpse of this world’s genocide.” Suddenly he tossed the stepladder at my feet, “No amount of toys will change that fact. If you don’t believe me, then try your luck.” He moved to the side and beckoned to the door. I picked up the stepladder and placed in in my belt; suddenly Asuna rushed forward into the room sword in hand.
“Asuna, WAIT!” I rushed in after her hoping she wouldn’t be reckless. As I rushed in she was already assaulting the gleeok. She was swing her sword wildly into its stomach when suddenly it reeled its neck back and shot at Asuna sending her flying backwards. I rushed towards her and grabbed her hand before she rushed back in, “Asuna stop! You’re just going to get launched back again.” She tried her best to shake me lose.
“LET ME GO!! I’M STRONG! STRONGER THAN THE OLD ASUNA, STRONGER THAN THAT MAN!” Suddenly she reeled back her sword hilt, “AND STRONGER THAN THIS DRAGON!” Suddenly I felt her hilt hit my face forcing me to let go and knocking me to the floor. She was lost, trying to prove a point to herself. Is this what it’s like when someone is trapped by their fear? If I’m not careful…could this be me? I stood back up, I had to stop her or else she could wind up dead. But how could I snap her out of it. Suddenly I saw her pushed back in to the wall and she stood there for a minute. I looked back at gleeok to see it charge up a fire breath. I quickly shuffled through my items and found an old wooden shield and grabbed it. As the fire breath was on its way to Asuna I saw her eyes shrink in fear, quickly I moved in front of her and held up the dingy piece of wood. The wood held for 3 second before it burnt up causing the flames to burn my hand singing the skin.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I bent down in pain. My exposed muscle was burning without that layer of skin over my hands. It hurt…it burns. It burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns it burns!
“Soren!” I looked over to see Asuna looking at me worriedly, “Are you crazy?!”
“Heh…ironic coming from you.” I joked, I felt my head hurt and felt a liquid move down my head; must have a concussion from that hilt hit. I felt my vision blur in and out.
“Don’t fall unconscious Soren! You might not wake up again!” She was right, I could die if I pass out from the pain, “Listen Asuna, don’t let that fear control you! “I’m not sure what you fear but if you let it hold you it will end you, you can still fear it for now but don’t let it control you, can you promise me that?” That’s all I could muster before I passed out.

“I’m not sure what you fear but if you let it hold you it will end you, you can still fear it for now but don’t let it control you, can you promise me that?” Soren was looking at me with such seriousness; he might as well have been looking into my soul. Suddenly I saw his eyes close and his body fall forward.
“Soren! Don’t fall unconscious! Soren? Soren!” It was no use, he was unconscious. He tried to save me when I was ready to throw my life away to prove I was strong. But why?! Why would he throw his life on the line because of my selfish actions. How could I be so weak, I’m too weak to do this, I’m as bad as old Asuna. I… can’t fight… not like this. (I’m not sure what you fear but if you let it hold you it will end you!) Those words resonated in my head. If it were just me that would be one thing but I was also responsible for Soren’s life. If I don’t succeed he will die. I can’t be responsible for someone else’s death. I had to fight! I pulled out the bow and started shooting arrows at their eyes. Every time I hit an eye it bounces off. The eyes were too well protected, the wooden, one rupee arrows weren’t enough to penetrate the eye. These had to be good arrows if I wanted to blind both of them. I pulled out my secret stash of rupees and pulled out my nine silver rupees, each worth a hundred. “Let’s see if you can handle silver arrows you son of a bitch!” I stretched a silver rupee back as it turned into a gleaming silver arrow and shot it into the left head’s eye and another into the right head’s eye causing their heads to flail. I quickly pulled out my blade and swung across both necks cutting them off and rushed at the body stabbing it directly in the heart. With a shudder the beast fell and disappeared leaving a bright light. I quickly grabbed Soren and ran towards the Triforce piece as I passed through the bright light I saw it cover Soren and me from head to toe. I moved forward and placed my hand on the Triforce piece and was blinded by a golden light. I heard that female voice again, it spoke in a deadly serious tone.
“Don’t trust the robbed man.”

When the light died I saw we were back at the entrance, my clothes were mended as well as Soren’s clothes and both our wounds were gone. I moved to the docks and set Soren down examining his head. The concussion was gone and his hands were covered by his skin again. I heaved a sigh of relief and lied down next to him; I was mentally exhausted. I had time before he woke up so I lied down next to Soren and tried to fall asleep. Then a thought crossed my mind, what if Soren died before I could save him? What if it only fixed his outer wounds? I took one more look at Soren and saw his chest rise and fall. I heaved a sigh of relief and closed my eyes.
“You idiot, you’re going to pay for making me worry about you so much when you wake up. So please wake up soon.” And with that I fell asleep with a smile on my face.
I know I've been very stagnant this past year in my updates but I have returned to bring you my stories in there continuations as well as new stories that I hope you will like. I am also uploading on the previously specified Fanfiction.Net and but for those who prefer this site I will upload them hear as well. They may get to DeviantArt later than the others but that all depends on my life. For those who have missed my stories and the ten of you who followed me I thank you for your patients. It's good to be back.   


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